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Acid2 CSS test?

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When I wrote the previous post, I noticed that KDE said that their web browser, Konqueror, passed the Acid2 CSS test. That got me thinking, “what the heck is the Acid2 CSS test?” It turns out that Acid2 is a test put out by the WaSP (the Web Standards Project).

Acid2 is a test page for web browsers published by The Web Standards Project (WaSP). It has been written to help browser vendors make sure their products correctly support features that web designers would like to use. These features are part of existing standards but haven’t been interoperably supported by major browsers. Acid2 tries to change this by challenging browsers to render Acid2 correctly before shipping.

Acid2 is a complex web page. It uses features that are not in common use yet, because of lack of support, and it crams many tests into one page. The aim has been to make it simple for developers and users to check if a browser passes the test.

Firefox 1.5 didn’t pass the test. There, now we know.

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  1. Taking the acid2 test

    Acid2 is a test designed by The Web Standards Project (WaSP). Goal of this test is to see if a browser adheres to standards like html and css. A technical explanation of the acid2 test can be found here. In this article the result from various version…

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