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Two cool web tools – Kiko and Netvibes

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I am a multi-computer user. I don’t have internet access at home (poor me), so I get on the web where ever I can mooch a connection. So, lately I’ve been trying to find ways to keep a lot of my information that I need on a daily or semi-daily basis online. So, this morning I was looking for some type of online Outlook replacement on TechCrunch, which I found, but I also happened to stumple upon another cool web app that I really like.

  1. Kiko – This is the Outlook replacement that I found. It doesn’t have a to-do/task list yet, but there is a contact list as well as a schedule/calendar. It’s still in the beta stage and does have its bugs, so be warned. I really like the UI. Also, I couldn’t log on using Firefox 1.5. The homepage says that you can use IE6+ and FF 1.0+ (which I am assumming includes FF 1.5, but maybe not). TechCrunch profile of Kiko
  2. Netvibes – Netvibes is an AJAX-based homepage replacement. It allows you to add little “windows” that can be moved and positioned on the page. Right now, they have support for RSS and Atom feeds, Gmail, Flickr, weather reports, taggable bookmarks (but not, web search, a price watcher, and sticky note things. TechCrunch profile of Netvibes

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