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The New Google Web Browser?

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The word on the street, or at least at GoogleRumors, is that Google is getting ready to buy the Opera web browser. This little deal (if it actually happens) will definitely shake up the “browser war” that will be going full swing when Microsoft finishes IE7 and Opera 9 is released.

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  1. Hey There

    Seems to be the hot story cause I just blogged about it over on my site 🙂 I agree it would shake up the browser was as you would have 3 big browsers out there not that opera is not big now but with google behind it that would increase its visibility to your average user.


    Comment by Jeff — 12.15.05 @ 8:36 am

  2. Could Opera become the Google Browser?

    According to GoogleRumors, it seems a major acquisition may be on the cards. Google wants to buy Opera, the powerful, free browser from Norwegian developers Opera Software ASA. This move would definitely make a big impact on the browser war, possibl…

    Trackback by — 12.15.05 @ 10:22 am

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