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Performancing for Firefox weblog extension and other cool extensions.

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Performancing I’m using the recently released Performancing for Firefox extension to write this blog post. All I can say is, “amazing.” This extension blogs with a right click and supports Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, LiveJournal, and Moveable Type. When you right click on a page and click on “Blog this,” Performancing for Firefox splits the browser window to allow blogging on the bottom and web browsing on the top. Very, very nice. Also, it allows you to write posts in HTML or with a WYSIWYG editor. If you don’t have it, GET IT!

Also, Crazy 8 Opinions released a list of 8 Cool Firefox [Extensions] You Never Knew Existed. There’s a few useful extensions on their list.

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  1. I don’t think that the site you linked aboy addons you never knew exsisted is very good I’ve been customizing my browser for an hour and i”ve seen those 3 times in the top five when you click get addons so I think everybody knows they exsist. Why doesn’t somebody list some that really are hard to find>

    Comment by dpell79 — 02.11.09 @ 11:46 pm

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