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Firefox 2 planning draft released.

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¡Feliz año nuevo!

A couple days ago, I found the draft plan for Mozilla Firefox 2.0, code named “Bon Echo.” It just seems like yesterday that we were all excited about Firefox 1.5 and now we’ve already moved on to version 2.0. According to this document, the final release of Firefox 2 is due to be out on June 27. Here are the key features that they’ll be working on:

  • New Bookmark and History System
  • Tabbed browsing UI improvements & defaults
  • Fully integrated RSS functionality
  • Extension Manager enhancements
    • install/update/options
    • blacklisting
    • security
  • Search Engine UI improvements (add/remove/options)
  • Platform patch uplift
  • Anti-phishing
  • Visual refresh, “native theme” support
  • Browser status indication system & UI
  • aviary-2.0 blockers (bugfix & UI polish)
  • Session saver
  • Extension uplift
  • Autocomplete enhancements
  • Offline mode detection & better use of cache
  • In-line spell check
  • Instrumentation / exit surveys
  • Pluggable Download Manager

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