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FeedXs: another signal to the end of e-mail.

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Just a couple days ago, I was telling my wife how it looks like (to me anyways) that the web and modern society are slowly leaving e-mail behind. She thought I was crazy, by the way, and doesn’t understand how that could ever happen. Maybe, maybe not. Who’s to say?

feedxs.jpgThat being said, I think FeedXs (via TechCrunch) (and other companies like it, which I’m sure are soon to follow) is just another step towards the obsoletion of e-mail. And no, I don’t think “obsoletion” is a real word either.

FeedXs just started yesterday, and it makes having a feed about as easy as you can get. Basically, you can have a blog without the website, or a feed without a blog, however you want to look at it. Here’s what you can do with a personal feed according to FeedXs:

By creating a personal feed, all your friends and family will always know the latest news about you. Friends and family who subscribe to your feed, will instantly know everything you want them to know once you update your feed. And the cool thing: you don’t need a website or any technical knowledge!

I think this sounds like an awesome service for people like my mom, who would never want to maintain their own web site, but would be interested in quickly sending information to a lot of people.

As with everything on Free Hogg, FeedXs is completely free of charge.

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