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Could it be? The famed Google OS? Not quite yet.

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Update: I kind of thought that this might happen. Ars Technica is quoting a Google spokesperson saying that the alleged Goobuntu is nothing more than a rumor.

. . . technology spokeswoman Sonya Borälv responded very quickly to my [Anders Bylund from Ars Technica] query on the topic. She said that “[w]e use Ubuntu internally but have no plans to distribute it outside of the company.”

Too bad. Maybe someday.

Original post:

The Register is starting a rumor (via Slashdot) that Google is preparing a version of Ubuntu, also known as Goobuntu.

Google is preparing its own distribution of Linux for the desktop, in a possible bid to take on Microsoft in its core business – desktop software.

A version of the increasingly popular Ubuntu desktop Linux distribution, based on Debian and the Gnome desktop, it is known internally as ‘Goobuntu’.

Google has confirmed it is working on a desktop linux project called Goobuntu, but declined to supply further details, including what the project is for.

The register does not cite any sources, so this could be like what we have seen a lot of lately, nothing more than a rumor.

However, as a current user of Ubuntu, I would be VERY excited to see what modifications and additions a company such as Google would make to an already great OS.

Read more at Google Blogoscoped and Linux and Open Source Blog.

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  1. I’m still saying this is a total rumor.

    Comment by Sarah — 02.1.06 @ 10:23 pm

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