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Keeping blog comments organized: coComment.

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After reading about coComment in a couple of different places (Scobleizer, TechCrunch, Solution Watch) I decided to check it out. (It’s an invitation only beta right now, but I got an invitation the same day I requested one.) I think it’s awesome.

Here’s the why. You comment on blogs, the author maybe resonds to your comment, it’s a discussion. But, oh crap, I forgot where I commented. That’s where coComment comes in. It records all your comments in one place so that you don’t lose track of them.

Here’s the how. It’s really easy. You get a bookmarklet from the coComment site and then comment on a blog like normal. But before you hit “submit” you click the coComment bookmarklet. This records the comment to coComment. Then you hit “submit” on the blog comment page. That’s it. Now you’re comment is recorded on your coComment page.

I’m not as big of a commenter as I would like to be (I like to get comments, why shouldn’t I give other people comments?). So I’m hoping coComment will encourage more commenting from me.

Here’s some more really good posts about coComment:

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  1. I agree about the encourage to comment bit.

    Comment by coelomic — 02.8.06 @ 12:51 pm

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