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A couple weeks ago I received a beta invite to a new competitor in the online storage field. is awesome. It is a fully-functional ajax web application that allows you to store, organize, and share files online. The list of’s features goes on and on.

I have used openomy in the past and got frustrated by having to upload a ton of files one-by-one. allows drag-and-drop uploading of multiple files. Also, you can upload single files in the standard way, or send attatchments to your Box via e-mail. Total storage space is a basic 1GB for free, premium 5GB for $4.99/mo, or pro 15GB for $9.99/mo. also has an available desktop syncing tool. You can download and install Box Desktop which then allows you to keep the files in your My Documents folder and your Box synced.

The premium and pro accounts allow public sharing. By making a file or folder public, a unique web address will be generated which you can then share among whoever you want to have access to the file. Private sharing is included in the free version as well as the upgrades. Private sharing can only be done between “friends” who also have Box accounts.

Organization of your files is super easy. You can organize them with your standard folders or by using tags.

So needless to say I am very impressed and if you want an invite, let me know and I’ll shoot one your way.

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  1. Very cool. The invite thing seems to be over, though. I just signed up without a problem.

    Comment by Jon — 02.23.06 @ 11:44 am

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