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Google Pages released. Spammers delight?

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Google has released an AJAX version of a WYSIWYG web page editor. If you have a Gmail account you’re ready to go, and if not, you can sign up for one. Oh wait, no you can’t. Google has closed registration for Google Page Creator due to a high volume of requests.

Read about the new editor at TechCrunch.

Think back with me if you will to a time when Google Analytics was released. If I recall correctly, the same thing happened, and registration had to be closed. What made Google think this would be different?

Google is allowing users to create web pages an dthen have them hosted at Here lies the problem. As Mr. Schafer points out, this is a spammers dream come true. You know someone’s Google Page address? Good, now you know their e-mail address. Just toss out the and throw in an and you are ready to spam away.

I requested to receive a Google Page Editor registration, but I think I’m going to hold off on publishing anything for the time being. No me gusta spam.


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