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Tammy’s plight has made it a sad day(s) for us all.

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It’s very unfortunate that the most popular thing on the blogosphere is a stolen sex video of a girl in Singapore.

Four of the five top searches in Technorati right now are for Tammy, Nyp Tammy, Nyp, and Singapore. Youtube is the only one with any dignity in the top five, and people are probably searching YouTube for the same video.

I haven’t looked much into this, but for those of you who don’t know, apparently a girl in Singapore had her cell phone stolen from her. The phone contained video of her having sex. Whoever stole it had posted it on the web and now her video is the biggest thing since sliced bread.

Have we as a society lost all diginity and respect for fellow human beings? Looking at pornographic material (which in and of it self is detestable) of people who are willingly putting themselves in that situation is one thing, but watching a stolen video of someone whose life has probably been ruined by this turn of events is simply disgusting.

Can we please put an end to this and start searching Technorati for the Olympics or American Idol or Iraq or anything respectable?

Probably not.

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