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I think I’m converting. So long, Flickr. Hola, BubbleShare.

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After reading TechCrunch’s post on BubbleShare’s new AJAX zoom feature (which is amazing), I went to their web site to check things out. And here’s what I gathered. BubbleShare

Flickr: 20MB/month free. BubbleShare: Just free.
Flickr: 3 albums free. BubbleShare: Still just free.

So I can either have limited freedom, or I could have unlimited freedom. You know what I’ll choose.

Granted, BubbleShare isn’t as popular and people don’t write cool little web apps for it, but I don’t use those anyways. I just want a place where I can store my photos and share them with people.

They are missing tags unfortunately, but they can’t be totally perfect.

Read TechCrunch’s original post on BubbleShare.

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  1. […] I discovered a very cool feature today. When Flock sees that there is a photo hosted on Flickr, it pops up a little icon. Clicking on the icon brings up that users photo stream in the topbar. Although I am not a Flickr user I think this is an amazing feature. It would be nice though to see some other services supported, like BubbleShare. But we can’t have everything. […]

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