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Technorati recently unveiled an awesome new service. You can now pick up to 50 of your favorite blogs and save them as your favorites.

The coolest part, I think, is being able to share your favorites with anybody. It’s just[usernamehere]. Check out my favorites.

Add Free Hogg to your technorati favorites.
Add to Technorati Faves

Now, in addition to the regular ol’ top 100 blogs, they also have the top 100 most favorited blogs.

For a lot of us geeks, this isn’t really a big deal. “So what if I can see all my favorite blogs in one place? That’s why we have feed readers.” I think this is a step towards getting the general public (the “normal” people) used to and interested in feeds.

For many people it has never dawned on them how convenient reading all of the websites you visit in one place can be, mcuh less even realize that there are services out there for this very purpose.

I don’t know if Technorati’s intent is to introduce the blog readers who don’t write to Technorati, or to get people interested in feeds or what, but I like it.

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