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Like downloading music? You’ll love AllofMP3.

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My wife recently purchased an MP3 player. She’s not quite as tech-savvy as I am (she’s really smart, but she thought that “MP3 player” was a brand name), so I took over the responsibilities of playing with the thing for an hour or so to find all of the special features and how to use it.

Once that process was over, I began to rip all of our CDs on to our laptop so that I could put them on the MP3 player. I had heard of AllOfMP3, but never gave it much thought. If you’re like I used to be, you are missing out.


Songs on AllOfMP3 average $0.09 and albums for $1.25. That’s a heck of a lot better than $0.99 a song on iTunes.

AllOfMP3 sets its price based on file size. I think it’s $0.02 per MB. So you have the option of what type of file and the quality that you want, and the price is adjusted from there.


They also have an iTunes clone called allTunes that allows you to preview the tracks before you download them. It also makes downloading much easier since it automatically downloads what you have in your basket.

Bargain shoppers beware: nine cent songs can cause addictions.

Read more about AllOfMP3:

Read more about allTunes:

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  1. i’m all for a bargin too but being well sort of legal in Russia isn’t the same as legal. What is aparent is no money gets back to the artist.

    Comment by Jim Lyons — 04.5.06 @ 9:10 pm

  2. I tried this website and found it to be very easy to use and more than I expected. Thanks for the heads up on this one. I am just getting into this downloading music and movies. I love both and look forward to finding easier, cheaper ways of doing so.

    Comment by Andy — 06.9.06 @ 9:11 am

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