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Google Toolbar 2, it’s good for something.

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BetaNews let me know today that Google has released a second version of their popular toolbar for Firefox.

Google on Thursday released a beta of its second Toolbar revision for Firefox, adding RSS feed integration with the Google Personalized Homepags and improving search functionality with previous queries, spell checking and suggestions. Toolbar v2 for Firefox also catches mailto links and opens them within Gmail rather than a desktop e-mail client.

In the past I used Google Toolbar with IE before I discovered Firefox. Then I used Firefox and there was no official Google Toolbar. Then they released version one of the toolbar for Firefox, and I used it again. But then I realized, “There’s already a Google search box in Firefox.” So I quit using it.

I say all this to say that I will be using it again for one reason: “Toolbar v2 for Firefox also catches mailto links and opens them within Gmail rather than a desktop e-mail client.”

Nothing agitates me more than when I click on someone’s click-here-to-contact-me links and I Windows tries to open up Outlook Express, or Ubuntu tries to open Evolution. Now, thanks to the Google Toolbar, I can click their links and joyfully send an e-mail with Gmail. Well done, Google.

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  1. Firefox already had gmail compose and webmail compose extensions for that purpose. If you don’t like the toolbar except for the mailto links, then maybe you should try those instead.

    Comment by Hooman — 04.6.06 @ 5:19 pm

  2. I liked the Google Toolbar 1 more than the Firefox Google box because of all the options. I had been using the Gmail notifier so the “mail to:” links would open up Gmail. But now, all I need is the Google Toolbar 2! Yipee!

    Comment by Sarah — 04.9.06 @ 1:58 pm

  3. When I was writing this post I was thinking that there probably already was an extension that would send the mailto: links to Gmail, I just would have to look for it. But I’m really liking the toolbar so far. It also has a feed subscribing button that allows you to subscribe to a feed right from the toolbar using your online feed reader.

    Comment by Hogg — 04.10.06 @ 8:24 am

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