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I love podcasts.

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Yesterday I listened to my first two podcasts, the first episode of TalkCrunch and the latest episode of TWiT, and it was awesome. TalkCrunch isn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever heard, but it was pretty interesting. TWiT on the other hand was definitely something I am going to listen to on a regular basis.

TWiT talked about all sorts of different interesting tech stuff, while TalkCrunch focused on one topic for an hour. I like the multiple topic format a lot better.

Like I said the other day, I don’t know of very many podcasts and would love to hear some suggestions from anyone who reads this blog. Thanks!

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  1. Man lets see let me list my favs

    KFI Tech Guy (Leo from twit)
    Daily Source Code
    Geek News Central
    Crankygeeks (has john c dvorak)
    Inside the Net

    Linux News Log
    Linux Reality
    The Linux Link Tech show

    KC Weather
    KC Weather Podcast

    TV & Movies
    Official Lost Podcast
    Frat Pack Podcast

    Keith and the Girl
    Dawn and Drew
    PK&J Show

    Those are some i can think of…if i think of any others ill throw another comment on here.


    Comment by Jeff — 04.26.06 @ 8:13 pm

  2. Awesome list, Jeff. Thanks!

    Comment by Hogg — 04.27.06 @ 5:43 pm

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