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A new take on search. Snap.

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My first impression of Snap, a re-released new-way-of-search engine, is not all that great.

It has a lot of awesome features, such as, auto-complete (think Google Suggest), a lot of AJAX (thus no page reloads), and an image/real-time preview of search results.

The auto-complete works well and the previews are great. Snap displays an image in a preview pane next to the search results. When you find a site you want to interact with, click on the image and Snap actually loads the page in that pane and allows you to navigate the page just like you would any other time.

I have two problems though. One, the AJAX features are cool, but seem really sluggish. I don’t know if that’s because I have tryed Snap on slow computers or if it really is slow. My second problem isn’t very founded, but I didn’t seem to get good search results unless I searched for something easy like “Google.”

I love the idea, but I don’t really need those features if I have to sacrifice speed to get them. For now I’ll stick with Wink.

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