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World Cup 2006 is here!

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Update 2: I’ve updated the Costa Rica webcal and added the webcal for Ecuador’s games. Here they are if you want them!

To use these calendars, you need to copy the link but change the http to webcal when you enter it in to your calendar. Sorry, doesn’t support webcal in its links. By the way, all game times are Arizona time.

Update: I figured it out. I used the public share feature on my account and just hosted the calendars there. Here’s the links if anyone wants to subscribe to these webcals:

By the way, the reason I’m interested in Costa Rica is because I lived and went to language school there for five weeks a couple summers ago. When I was there I got to see the Costa Rican team play Cuba in a World Cup qualifying match. Therefore, I love Costa Rica.

I would love it if someone would help me out. I, although I am a true, blue American, do enjoy watching a few soccer games. And the biggest games this year will be played at World Cup 2006 in Germany. I have been trying all day to get a webcal for the US and Costa Rican teams’ schedules that I can import into my 30 Boxes calendar.

I either need a Mac user to publish the calendars for me, or if someone could point me in the direction of a free Windows or Linux program that publishes calendars to a web server, that would be awesome.

I tried using Mozilla Sunbird, but it’s in version 0.3 alpha2, which means it doesn’t work right yet. All I could get it to publish was one date at a time.

If you can publish them for me, I recommend publishing to iCal Exchange. It’s a place where you can publish public and private web calendars for free and then subscribe to them. All you need to sign up is a user name and an e-mail address. If you don’t want to give out your e-mail, I would give you my username and password and you could publish them to my account.

Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the ICS calendar files:

I got the calendars from an awesome site called World Cup KickOff. You can choose to create a schedule for all teams, a single group, or a single team and download the files for iCal or MS Outlook. You can also get the calendar as an RSS feed.

I found the site in a comment on a post from Jeff Clavier’s blog. Thanks, Jeff.

Thanks for your help!

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