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Now the world knows about the great Sheriff Joe.

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Being born and raised in Arizona, I’ve known about Sheriff Joe Arpaio, America’s Toughest Sheriff for quite some time now. I’ve also known about some of his more “controversial” antics in his prison and “Tent City“. But now everyone else knows how much of a kick-a sheriff he is. I saw on digg today that Sheriff Joe was Fox New’s Big Story. Here’s what they were saying on Think Progress:

Yesterday on Fox’s The Big Story, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio described how he jails hundreds of immigrants and subjects them to degrading treatment. Arpaio says he dresses jailed immigrants in pink underwear, pink handcuffs and a stripped jumpsuit. He also forces them to listen to “patriotic songs” multiple times a day.

Seriously, how can you not love Arizona?

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  1. I am hoping the new governor of Colorado will have more testicular fortitude than the last govern, and clean up Colorado. Immigration laws are nil and illegal aliens are taking over the state. I feel sorry for these people and realize they don’t have it so nice but to come to a country , in the msnner they do, to make the demands they do, to literally get away with murder, robbery and rape is not acceptable.

    It is past time they stopped being allowed driver’s licenses and get away with the highway violations that would demand immediate carceration for the legal people of Colorad, is unacceptable.

    It is oast time to take back our country, the ill of rights, The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

    It is time to shut up the athiests and bring back God. this is the only country I know of that welcomed people to it’s shores, no matter what religion they practiced, but the understanding was and is, that this is a Christian country, who even tollerates athiests.

    It is no wonder our childern are with out a moral sense of value and a lot more that you already understand and, to continue in this vein, is preaching to the choir.

    If I was younger, I would love to put on a uniform and work side-by-side with you. Recently the Denver police department showed a list of the top 50 criminals wanted in this area and they were almost exclusively Mexican. I would bet my life they are illegal, and that was only a small list of the wanted people.

    It is also great to know there are a few sheriffs who know the Law, that the Sheriff is the high law in his/her county and has jurisdiction over and of the alphabet soup, including IRS, any other branch of law enforcement and could even arrest the Prsident, if necessary. A lot of sheriffs know this but are not as honest and yourself and Richie Mack or Sheriff Prince.

    I am not a gun enthuiast but believe what a sheriff in Los Angeles County said years before, when they were elected, and now they are appointed. Sheriff Ed Davis said that if all true Americans would strap on their six guns, crime would deteriate quicker than all getout. At one time, Kennesaw, GA posted signs on all roads leaading into town that the citizens were armed and their crime rate was zero, and they were right beside a major crime infested city called Atlanta.

    I am sick of the “dogooders” who have their heads in dark places and no common sense. The second ammendment was not just about hunting!!!

    God Bless Joe Arpiao and the few like him.

    Pat Butler
    Lakewood, Colorado

    Comment by Pat Butler — 12.15.06 @ 2:34 pm

  2. God Bless Sheriff Joe Arpaio again. We in Las Vegas
    love what you are doing. Too bad all sheriffs don’t do
    the same. I wish we could clone you so we could all
    have one like you. Keep up the good work. Sheila

    Comment by Sheila — 01.18.07 @ 5:31 am

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