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Get Flock to go.

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Ryan at CyberNet has teamed up with John Haller of (and creator of other awesome portable applications like Portable Firefox) to create a portable version of the new Flock web browser beta.

If you’re a little fuzzy on what a portable application is, allow me to enlighten. Portable apps are software programs that you install and are optimized to run on your USB thumb drive. This allows you to use your favorite software on any computer that you use without actually having to install that software on to the computer. When you’re done, you just pop out your drive and there’s no trace of OpenOffice or GIMP left on that computer. Lifehacker has some really good articles on living the portable life here and here. Wikipedia also has a list of just about every type of software imaginable in portable form.

In other great news, the article states that the latest version of Portable Firefox that Haller is working on will have the ability to update itself. Finally!

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