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Find the right Linux for you

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If you’re new to Linux and don’t know how to decide between all of the distributions, zegenie Studios has created a Linux Distribution Chooser.

Answer about a dozen questions about what you are looking for, you, and your machine, and the Chooser will give you a list of distros that meet your criteria. It also lists for you some distros that fail to meet only one of your criteria.

It selected Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora for me. Good news for me, I’m already running a distro that fits my needs: Ubuntu!

So if you’re thinking that you don’t want to pony up the extra money to upgrade to Windows Vista, this Linux Distro Chooser is a great place to start.

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  1. Good nice tool to help newbies choose a suitable distro. But in opinion a new user should choose one from: pclinuxos, mepis and mint. Because they are the best.
    Advanced users might think general purpose distros like debian, fedora, slackware and gentoo… No more confusion. I would like all new user to try pclinuxos, mepis and mint, at least once each. i am sure you will love them anyway….

    Comment by manmath — 01.31.08 @ 10:04 pm

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