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Put a Fork in it . . . Vista’s Done

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The old man of the computer world announced today that Windows Vista (insert blaring trumpets here) is complete and they will be sending it to manufacturing. According to ABC News, this means that the newest Windows will be available to us in January.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. But I couldn’t be less excited about a new version of Windows than I am about Vista.

I’ve been sitting in front of computers since before I even really understood what it was that I was doing. I remember back in the early part of 1994, on the family PC (a Packard Bell) we were running Windows 3.11. My dad decided to buy a new computer. It was close enough to the release of Windows 95 that we got a voucher for a free copy when it was released. I still remember that day when the Windows 95 CD finally showed up. I was like a little kid (I guess I was only 10) at Christmas. It was awesome.

But this time around, I’m not so thrilled.

Yeah, I agree. Vista looks cool. But honestly, (and please feel free to enlighten me, I love to learn) what does Vista do that I can’t do with either Ubuntu or XP? Why in the world am I going to drop $159 for a cool theme? Maybe I’m missing the point. Like I said, please leave a comment if I have missed something.

I’m definitely no Linux fan boy. In fact, I’m working on XP right now. But, I am well aware that in about two years, if you’re running XP, you’ll either need to upgrade or jump ship. If you’re one who decides to jump ship, a great lifeboat is Ubuntu. By the way, it’s on sale right now for 100% off.

In other words:

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  1. I am most certan that almost no one will ever by Windows Vista as an upgrade for their current computer. It is not there the money lies either… It is the bundeling deals that is gonig to bing Windows Vista to the masses. All computers you can get from the store and most you an get online comes bundled with Microsoft Windows. I think Microsoft is hoping that when Vista is released, people will go out and by a new PC. Not a compy of their operating system as a stand alone product.

    Those few who are smart enought will of course migrate to Ubuntu Linux or another Linux distrobution.

    Comment by Aleksandersen — 11.9.06 @ 2:13 am

  2. I think you’re right. The PC market isn’t going to slow down, and all of the new PCs will have Vista on it. So Vista will get used, just not by most current XP users, I think.

    Comment by Hogg — 11.9.06 @ 7:36 am

  3. Ensuring Vista adaption by bullying

    I am almost certain that almost noone would ever buy Windows Vista as an upgrade for their current computer. And it isn’t even there it lies.
    It is the bundling deals that is going to bring Windows Vista to the masses. All computers you can get …

    Trackback by bonAveo — 11.10.06 @ 11:14 am

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