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I can’t login to Zooomr!

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I really like Zooomr. I like it a lot. Sometimes I want to take pictures for no reason just so I can upload them. Cripes, they were giving out free pro accounts just for blogging them.

But Zooomr is starting to put a strain on our relationship. I first signed up with Zooomr using my Google account info. But since then, they have changed their login system and now you can’t use Google, you have to use OpenID. “No problem,” I thought. “I can just login, merge my old Zooomr account with my new OpenID and I’ll be good to go.” How foolish of me.

Something is janky with the new login system. To sign in with the old Google stuff, you have to get a temporary password sent to your Gmail address. Which I did. You then use that password along with your Gmail address to login, from where you’re supposed to be able to merge your account with OpenID. However, when I click the button to login, it just starts over and nothing happens. I’ve sent two e-mails to Zooomr and haven’t heard back yet, so we’ll see.

If anyone knows anything that might help me, please let me know.

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  1. […] Whenever you would try to get support from “old” web sites, a lot of times you would fill out a standard form and then receive a standard response. But nowadays, you get a personal touch. I’ve had some correspondence with some people at and at Zooomr. In all of their e-mails, they use their first name and address me by name. Some people may not be too keen on that, but not me. […]

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