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Trying to become a Pro on Zooomr . . . again

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Update: It did indeed work. I lost my Pro 4 Life status though when I opened my new account. I’ve sent e-mails and blog comments in the hope that I will be restored to where I once stood so proudly. On the good side though, the new Pro accounts now let you upload up to 4GB a month. That, my friends, is sweet.

I’ve done this once before, but with all of the problems I have had with Zooomr and their Google login stuff, I’m trying to upgrade my brand new free account to a pro account. Let’s see if it works.

Salt River 2006 3Salt River 2006 3 Hosted on Zooomr

If you’re unfamiliar with Zooomr, it’s a photo-sharing site that looks like it’s going to be expanding with more social networking features. Many of you are familiar with Flickr. Zooomr would whip Flickr’s tail in a fight. Enough said.

By the way, the picture is of the Salt River in Eastern Arizona, the greatest state in the Union.

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  1. esp with how easy it was to get a pro membership…with flickr, I’m at the point that if I want to see all my photos I have to pay for a pro acct. bummer!

    Comment by Sarah — 11.26.06 @ 7:11 pm

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