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Too Many Wikis to Choose? Use WikiMatrix

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I’m a teacher as some of you know. I am doing my best to be a teacher that incorporates as many of the new, useful, and free technologies that are available right now. One of those things I am trying to use more of is wikis.

Selecting a wiki is a daunting task; there’s dozens of wiki services to choose from. Do I want free or a paid upgrade (oh wait, I always want free: free/Hogg), hosted or not, private, public, so many choices! Help! That’s where the great site WikiMatrix comes in.

WikiMatrixWhat WikiMatrix does is allow you to compare several different types of wikis side-by-side to see which one(s) fit your need best. According to Techcrunch, the information provided to the site is done by the wiki designers themselves, so you know it’s good.

My favorite of WikiMatrix’s features is it’s Wiki Choice Wizard which asks you a few questions about what your wiki needs are and then spits out a list of wikis that fit your choices. (Good news for me, the wiki I picked before I knew about WikiMatrix fits my criteria.)

Use wikis, they’re cool. If you can’t decide, use WikiMatrix.

By the way, while I’m on the subject. If you’re an educator and you want a free wiki, Wikispaces is trying to give away 100,000 wikis to teachers. So, head on over and get signed up, they’re a great tool.

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