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A Few of My Favorite Things on the Web 2006

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Last year I made a list of all of my favorite web-based things and a few non-web-based things and it was a pretty big hit. So here’s the 2006 version of My Favorite Things, in no particular order.

  • My Favorite Calendar

    This one goes hands down to Google Calendar. I love all of the different color-coded calendars you can add, the sharing, and the Gmail integration. I also use the Google Desktop Gadget and have it integrated into my Google Personalized Home. There’s even talks that you can sync it with your Linux calendar. Runner up: 30 Boxes. Last Year’s Favorite: CalendarHub.

  • My Favorite E-Mail

    Another clear-cut winner: Gmail. I have 2798 MB of space and counting. (I probably won’t have this category next year since Gmail’s always going to win.) Last Year’s Favorite: Gmail.

  • My Favorite To-Do List

    My favorite in this category and to round out my Outlook replacement is a fairly recent discovery I have made: Remember The Milk. Yeah, I had heard of it a long time ago, but I just started using it a few weeks ago and I love it. I also have this integrated into my Google Personalized Home and my Google Calendar which is super-handy. Runner Up: Backpack. Last Year’s Favorite: voo2do.

  • My Favorite Bookmarking Service

    This again goes to There was a reason Yahoo! gave those guys so much money: works, and it works well. And with the Firefox extensions, it works even better. So until Firefox 3’s bookmarking system blows me away, I’m going to keep on keeping on with Last Year’s Favorite:

  • My Favorite Search Engine

    It would be rather foolish of me to try to argue that any other search engine’s power beats that of Google’s. However, my favorite search engine, which takes advantage of said power, is still Wink. Wink takes Google and adds a human element to it to make it even better. On the other hand, Wink has started to take a bookmarking/social network-type approach recently which I haven’t really participated in, but I still love it’s search capabilities. Runner Up: Snap. Last Year’s Favorite: Wink.

  • My Favorite Online Storage One GB free and $4.99/mo. for 5 GB, or five referrals gets you 5 GB (which I only need a couple more of, so click on my link and sign up with me as a referral so I can get my free upgrade, please). It has a very clean AJAX interface, drag-and-drop uploading, easy file sharing, RSS feeds, and on and on and on. The only thing I wish had that it doesn’t, is a desktop sync. Which is supposedly in the works. It also has Netvibes and Google Personalized Home integration which I use a lot. Last Year’s Favorite: openomy.

  • My Favorite Photo Sharing Site

    Zooomr. It has been called “Flickr on steroids.” And that’s what it is. It has easy uploading, tagging, and geotagging and a ton of storage (at least for a casual photographer like me). It also is very blogger-friendly, giving free pro accounts to anyone who posted a photo to their blog using Zooomr. Runner Up: BubbleShare. Last Year’s Favorite: New Category.

  • My Favorite Feed Reader

    Easily the best in my book is Google Reader. It’s fast, uses AJAX, and works really well. I had been using Bloglines for most of the year until Google updated Reader and now it whips tail. Runner Up: Bloglines. Last Year’s Favorite: None.

  • My Favorite Home Page

    Tie: Netvibes and Google Personalized Home. At home, I use Netvibes. It’s not quite as functional as Google, but it looks nicer and does what I need it to do. Google has better Remember the Milk and Google Calendar integration which is really nice at work. [On Netvibes I use the iCal module to view my Google Calendar (update: There is a Google Calendar Module in the Netvibes ecosystem, but getting it to work how you want is kind of touch and go) and a feed module to see my Remember The Milk lists.] Also, I use an old machine at work and Google works a little bit faster than Netvibes on the slower computer. Runner Up: Pageflakes. Last Year’s Favorite: Netvibes.

  • My Favorite Maps

    This one was a tight race this year. Google added multi-point mapping which made it a strong candidate, but Yahoo! Maps still came out on top. Since last year they’ve added satellite imagery which was their major shortcoming. The flash-based app can be a little slow at times, but I think it’s worth it. Runner Up: Google Maps. Last Year’s Favorite: Yahoo! Maps.

  • My Favorite Blog

    Lifehacker. I wasn’t a Lifehacker fan right off the bat, but now I can’t get enough. They have tons of useful tech (and non-tech) info everyday. Runner Up: Google Blogoscoped. Last Year’s Favorite: TechCrunch.

  • My Favorite Wiki Service

    Wikispaces gave me a free upgrade just for being a teacher. You can’t beat that. It does everything a good wiki needs to do. Last Year’s Favorite: New Category.

  • My Favorite Streaming Music

    Pandora is my hero. Give Pandora your favorite band or song and it will play other music that you’ll usually like based on what you gave it. It uses the Music Genome Project to find its matches. It also has really good sound quality. You can add a bunch of different stations, share playlists, RSS feeds, and more. Last Year’s Favorite: New Category.

There you have it. The list. I need to mention that as always on Free Hogg, everything you see here today is completely free of charge. The only way I like it.

If there’s any other categories you think I should add, let me know. Also, if you disagree with me, I’d love to hear your picks for these categories.

Happy New Year!

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