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PortableApps Suite 1.0

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portable_apps_logo2.pngAbout a month ago, John Haller and everyone over at released their first portable app suite. I finally got around to using it and I love it. In fact, I’m blogging from Portable Firefox 2 right now. These portable apps are software applications designed to run off of thumb drives. is proud to announce the first release of the new PortableApps Suite. This package of portable software includes popular programs like Firefox, and Thunderbird along with an integrated menu and easy-to-use backup utility. The Suite can be installed on any portable device (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) and used on any Windows (and many Linux) PC.

I had been using most of these applications already, but now they have packaged them all up into one download and included a hand “start”-like menu that sits in your taskbar.

They have two editions: the Standard edition which is intended to be used on drives with 512 MB and up and includes the whole suite, and the Lite edition, designed for drives with 256 MB of space and uses AbiWord instead of

If you’re always on the go and you find yourself using a bunch of different computers, I highly recommend investing in a thumb drive and then loading it up with the PortableApps Suite.

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