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Google Reader’s Trends

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When I went to read my feeds tonight in Google Reader, I noticed a new feature link towards the top of my main page: “See personalized trends for your subscriptions and read items.”

These trends track what you read, when you read, how much you read, etc. It’s pretty cool. Here are some screen shots:


Reading Trends

Subscription Trends

Mihai Parparita said this about the trends on the Official Google Reader Blog.

It then occurred to me that there were plenty of things that could be dug up about the items that a person reads and the feeds they are subscribed to. Perhaps some feeds post very often but don’t actually get read, so they may as well be removed. Conversely, other sites may not have updated in ages, so they’re just taking up room in the list of subscriptions.

If you’re a Reader user, check this new feature out. If not, I highly recommend switching over to Reader for your one-stop shop for all your feeds.

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  1. I agree pretty nice stuff and yes switch to google is the best!


    Comment by Jeff — 01.4.07 @ 12:59 pm

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