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About free/Hogg

This is a weblog intended to report and discuss the latest and greatest happenings on the web, in software, and in technology. I will include pretty much anything that interests me including, dare I say it, “web 2.0” developments (that will probably be the first and last time you see me use that term), Google, weblogging, web design, a little bit of Linux, and who knows what else. I hope you enjoy it. (I’d love to hear if you do, and also if you don’t.)

About Hogg


I am a college student who was born and raised a desert rat in Arizona. I have been transplanted into the Midwest for the past three and a half years and can’t wait to get out (I just can’t handle the weather!). I recently got married to the most amazing and beautiful woman in the world who still loves me even though I sometimes hangout with the PC more than her. Football is one of my other passions, which will shift from playing to coaching now that I am officially a “former” college athlete. También, me encanta hablar español y estudio para ser profesor de español en una escuela secundaria.

I’m not an IT or web professional or anything like that, I just love all things computers and web. I am very interested in web design and would like to eventually become a professional web designer.

There you go, Hogg in two paragraphs. If you have any questions or concerns, hit me up at freehogg at gmail dot com.



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